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PostSubject: darklord1241    darklord1241  Icon_minitimeMon Aug 20, 2012 2:27 am

Gamer Tag:darklord1241

Do You Have A Work Microphone:yes a turtle beach headset

Where Do You Live:TN


Do You Own Any Of The DLC (if so which ones):The first one and the anniversery

Preferred Weapon:Any really prefered dmr though

Preferred Game Type:swat, team slayer, or rumble pit

How Did You Hear About BtB:someone i was playing against

Are You Purchasing Halo 4:yes already reserved

Strengths:well rounded

Weaknesses:could be a better sniper

Biography:I love halo through and trough i rember playin halo one going to tournments kickin but. and sorry if i hur anyones fellings but i hate cod
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