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We are seeking competitive Halo players from Europe, North America, and Australia Visit the Apply To Join Forum for more details.



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PostSubject: KrazedVolcano   KrazedVolcano Icon_minitimeMon Aug 20, 2012 2:25 am

Gamer Tag: KrazedVolcano
Do You Have A Work Microphone: Yes (TurtleBeach to be exact)
Where Do You Live: Liverpool, England
Age: 14
What Game Are You Applying For: Reach
Do You Own Any Of The DLC: Anniversary (If it counts as a map pack...)
Preferred Weapon: DMR or SHOTGUN (Sticky Grenades too)
Preferred Game Type: Swat/Grifball
How Did You Hear About BtB: Halo Waypoint Forums
Are You Purchasing Halo 4: Of Course!!
Strengths: Quite a good driver...Great at flanking the enemy...I Don't F**k around i listen and do what instructed when instucted...I'm an avid Halo Player...
Weaknesses: Sometimes i'm not consistant within match i could have only 7 kills the next i could have 20...
Biography: I know i'm a lot younger than the average applicant and such but i'm mature for my age.. (or so i've been told) I Can have a laugh but i get the job done...I Can do amazing things with a vehicle...i wont give up..i'm dedicated to improving some of my weaker skills (sniping for say...) and i may seem like a 14 year old brat when you first talk to me...but down the line i can make you see that i'm nothing like it...
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