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 Clean Nips

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PostSubject: Clean Nips   Mon Aug 20, 2012 2:24 am

Gamer Tag:Clean Nips
Do You Have A Work Microphone: Yes Astro A40s They are in ok condition but i will be getting A50s soon
Where Do You Live: Canada
Age: 13 gonna be 14 in 1 1/2 months
What Game Are You Applying For (Reach or Halo 3): Reach
Do You Own Any Of The DLC (if so which ones):
Preferred Weapon:DMR
Preferred Game Type:SWAT
How Did You Hear About BtB:Through HALO waypoint
Are You Purchasing Halo 4: Yes getting it on the release night.
Strengths: Getting multikills, Sniping, Close 1/4er combat
Weaknesses: Magnums
Biography: Currently on Summer vacation and working full time at a local cafe for the summer. I have been playing Halo ever since Halo 3 first came out. My brother purchased the xbox for Halo 3, then for about 2 years he got bored so i played with it. After watching him play for a couple years and since he was competitive i knew alot of the good nade spots, almost all the weapon spawn locations we
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Clean Nips
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