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We are seeking competitive Halo players from Europe, North America, and Australia Visit the Apply To Join Forum for more details.


 wye so sirious

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PostSubject: wye so sirious   wye so sirious Icon_minitimeMon Aug 20, 2012 2:20 am

Gamer Tag: wye so sirious

Do You Have A Work Microphone: yes but mother doesnt like me useing it somtimes cauze she doing at home online collage

Where Do You Live:canada


What Game Are You Applying For (Reach or Halo 3): reach/halo 3 i got em both

Do You Own Any Of The DLC (if so which ones): no

Preferred Weapon: anything that kills

Preferred Game Type: swat

How Did You Hear About BtB: found it on google looking up halo 4

Are You Purchasing Halo 4: i sure hope to

Strengths: games like swat whare head shots are 1 hit kill (prolly cauze im used to cod)

Weaknesses: games that are like king of the hill.

Biography: i used to play halo alot then i started playing cod and im back into halo now. im not horrible at it im in grade 12 and im 17.
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wye so sirious
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